Collection and usage of personal data

Personal data is the data which can be directly or indirectly referred to you as a physical person. This data is collected by (ADV VESSE MÖÖBEL OÜ) to fulfill the terms of the agreement concluded with a physical person or to contact him/her later on, as well as to fulfill the liabilities arising from the legislation. SSL provides the security to the data transferred between the payment systems and the customers, which guarantees that third parties cannot have the access to the transferred information or cannot change it.

We collect the personal data of our regular customers:

  • — when you enter your contact details (including your name, personal code, postal address, phone number, preferred method of communication) on our website or on any other site (for example, in a shop);
  • — when you use our website, from the information about a client’s account or from cookies;
  • — when you purchase or process the order in our shop or Internet-shop and provide your contact details or when you leave the information about your consumption preferences (some sections of the website may ask you to enter the personal data and personal information on a voluntary basis. The required personal data can include your name, address, zip code, email, phone number, and other data);
  • — when applying for installment payment.

Other data collection

We also collect de-identified data, i.e. the data which cannot be referred to any particular person (gender, age, language preference, location).

Besides, we can collect generalized data about the client’s activities in our shops and on the websites. This data is collected and used to provide the clients with more suitable information, as well as to get the information about the most popular goods, services, and sections.  This Confidentiality Statement refers generalized data to de-identified data.

Use of the collected personal data

We use the collected personal data to inform the clients of (ADV VESSE MÖÖBEL OÜ) about new goods, campaigns, and coming events. The clients who do not want to receive our email updates or information about possibly interesting goods can unsubscribe from the mailing list at any time.

Besides, we use the collected private data to deliver the goods and to fulfill our liabilities.

If a client agrees with the Confidentiality Statement, the client grants (ADV VESSE MÖÖBEL OÜ) the right to automatically process his/her data. You can withdraw your consent at any time on our website or by notifying us in a written form. The written statement or withdrawal of the consent has no retroactive effect. 

To provide better service, (ADV VESSE MÖÖBEL OÜ) is entitled to provide the information to the third parties providing the services to (ADV VESSE MÖÖBEL OÜ) and bound by Non-Disclosure Agreement. Third parties are, for example, our business-partners that are responsible for delivering the goods purchased in the Internet-shop or installment payment providers. (ADV VESSE MÖÖBEL OÜ) keeps the client’s personal data until the termination of the regular client agreement. The data which (ADV VESSE MÖÖBEL OÜ) is obliged to keep by law (for example, accounting data) is stored under the requirements set by the legislation.  

Introducing changes in the collected personal data

Personal data collected to identify a client and to contact him/her can be viewed, changed, and updated on our website in My Personal Account section.

If you change your email (used as the user’s name on the website, then please inform us about it, because this information cannot be modified by a client.

Personal data protection (ADV VESSE MÖÖBEL OÜ) applies all possible measures of caution (including administrative, technical, and physical) to protect the clients’ personal data, only authorized people have the access to data processing and changing.

If you suspect that your personal data is used against the provisions of the present Confidentiality Statement, or if there is a possibility for the leakage of your personal data to the third parties, then immediately inform us about it. This is the way we can minimize the potential damage. 

A client has the right to terminate his/her personal data processing, to request for information about the purposes his/her personal data is used for, as well as to request a transfer of his/her personal data in a widely-accepted format to himself/herself or to a third party. To prevent data and client’s rights abuse, the requests can be provided in the format so as to identify an applicant (an application must have an e-signature or must be provided personally in our branch office). We have the right to respond to these applications within 30 days.

A request to terminate the data processing is considered to be a request to terminate the regular client agreement.

The Seller (ADV VESSE MÖÖBEL OÜ) is a responsible personal data processor and transfers the personal data for payment to an authorized processor Maksekeskus AS.


All personal data of the clients disclosed during a visit to the Internet-shop (ADV VESSE MÖÖBEL OÜ) and while making a purchase is referred to confidential information.

Encoded data transfer channel between the banks securely transfers the personal data and bank details of the customers.

Terms and changes in the Confidentiality Statement 

By using our website or applying for a status of a regular customer, you agree that you have read these principles and terms and agree to observe them. We reserve the right to introduce any changes, if necessary, to the general terms and conditions of the Confidentiality Statement by notifying our regular clients about it, however, we apply our best efforts to make our Confidentiality Statement updated and available on our website.  

ADV VESSE MÖÖBEL OÜ functions as the data controller in processing the clients’ personal data. If you have any questions and issues arising from the Confidentiality Statement or connected with the data processing, please feel free to contact us at

You also have the right to apply to the Data Protection Committee or to a court to protect your data. Data Protection Committee is a public institution which can be applied to when you seek advice or assistance in personal data protection issues.